Light up your printer. LED lighting makes working with your printer much more pleasant, whether during its tuning or during printing.

Printed parts act as end caps for 20 mm top extrusion of ENDER 3 and similar 3D printers while holding aluminium profile with LED strip. There are two versions of end caps one with space for mounting light power switch and one without. LED strip is powered directly form ENDER’s 24 V power supply thus eliminating the need for an external power supply or step-down converter.

Hardware parts needed:


Separate the wires of the cable in the length of 5 cm and remove about 4 mm of insulation from their ends. Cut two 2 cm long pieces of thin shrink tubing and slide on the wires and then solder the terminals to the wires.

Slide the shrink tubes onto the M4 terminals and shrink them. Cut 3 cm of wire with red stripe from the other end of the cable and strip 3 mm of insulation from all ends.

First, solder the short red wire to the center terminal of the switch, slide the shrink tube onto the longer wire of the cable, and solder it to the end terminal of the switch. Slide the shrink tubes on all terminals of the switch and shrink them. Solder the short red wire to the + terminal of the LED strip and the remaining wire of the cable to the – terminal. Slide a piece of larger shrink tube onto the LED strip so that it covers the solder pads and shrink it.

Partially insert the switch into the right end cap and pass the entire LED strip through the hole for the LED profile.

Secure the switch in it’s hole with nut and washer. Push the LED profile into the end cap. Make sure top of the profile is above protrusions in the end cap.

 Peel the cover of the tape a few inches at a time while gently pressing the strip into the profile.

Now just put on the diffuser and install the light on the printer.


Make sure 3D printer is turned off and disconnected from mains. Disconnect connector between power supply and printer. Loosen two bolts holding power supply to the vertical extrusion.

Unscrew two bolts holding black cover on the power supply and take it off.

Pull Light’s cable through the hole in power supply’s cover and connect wire with red stripe to +V terminal and black wire to the -V terminal. Then put the black cover back on.

Push right end cap (with cable) into the top extrusion and run the cable down the vertical extrusion’s slot. Cover the cable with power supply and screw it back on.

Now just push left end cap both into top extrusion and into LED profile. Make sure top of the profile is above protrusions in the end cap.